Wireless Router Admin Login Username and Password

Check Wireless Router Admin Login Page. Modify Wi-Fi settings, username, and password from this page. This Page Has Been Recently Updated.

For using the internet provided by an internet service provider, we need to use a router. There are numerous routers manufactured by various companies such as D-Link, TP-Link, Netgear, etc. Each router is associated with an IP address that is used to access the administrator dashboard of that router. From here, one can configure or manage that router. is one such private IPv4 network address that is associated with some home-use broadband routers. To solve any error or to manage the router, one can go to this IP address using any web browser and make the necessary changes. Some routers use a local domain name instead of IP Address. For instance, Jiofi router login address is jiofi.local.html while for jiodongle it is jiodongle.local.html.

How to Setup Your Router on

Here, we are going to discuss how to set up a router, which is associated with this IP address. So let’s get started.

  1. Connect device to router

    Turn on your router and connect it to a device by using a wireless connection. You can also use a network cable to connect your PC/laptop to your router.

  2. Open a browser

    Once connected, open a web browser on the device which you have connected to your router. Here, type ‘‘ in the search bar and hit ‘Enter.’

  3. Log in

    You will be directed to the setup page of your router. You will have to login using the default username and password which is ‘admin.’ Once you log in successfully, a setup wizard will be displayed on your screen using which you set your router step by step.

  4. Change credentials and settings

    You have to set all the preferences according to your usage. Also, you can modify the password and the SSID of your router from here. You must keep saving the changes made in each category otherwise the changes which you have made will be undone.

  5. Restart router

    Once you are done with all the changes which you had to make, and when your router is all set, you must restart your router to apply all the changes which you have made.

Once you change the password of your router, you will have to reconnect your device to your router using the new password which you have set.

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Why is it Not Working on Your Computer?

If you are not able to access this IP address, there might be a few reasons. See the details listed below:

1. Your router is not turned on or is not ready to use. Be patient until the router is completely turned on and is ready to use.

2. Your router is not associated with ‘’, and you have mistaken it with some other IP address. To know the IP address associated with your router, open CMD and type ‘ipconfig/all’ and know the correct IP address. Or you can use the command ‘ping‘ and if it displays the message ‘Timeout’ then it means that you cannot connect to that IP address through your router.

3. If you are still unable to access the IP address, then, the network port is not specified, or there must be a firewall.

That is how you manually set up your router. You may also read: How to Use JioFi Router (Step By Step Guide for Everyone).

What to do if you are unable to log into this IP address?

There are chances that when you enter the in the search box, it will not display the login page. If you encounter this problem, the following might be one of the solutions.

#1 Check whether your router is turned on: If you haven’t powered on your router, you won’t be able to access the management page of your router. In such a case, plug the power cable of your router and press the power button to turn it on.

#2 Reconnect your device to your router: If you are using the network cable then unplug it and reconnect it. And if you are using wireless connection then forget the network and reconnect to the same network once again.

This is all you need to know about this IP address. If you still have queries regarding this IP address, then please let us know in the comments section below.

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