How to Check Balance in Jio: A Quick Guide

Jio is now regarded as the most popular network in India. It is important to know the current balance of the Jio account to maximize its use. Read on to learn the four easy ways on how to check balance in Jio.

how to check balance in Jio

What is Jio?

Jio’s beta version was initially presented in for only Dependence staff members on December 27, 2015, to mark the 83rd birthday of Dhirubhai Ambani who is the founder of Reliance Industries. It was then released to the public on September 5, 2016, in time for Teachers Day with an ‘Invite Deal’ to entice the people in India to subscribe. It became an instantaneous hit, thanks to the various features that were initially provided free for six months.

Jio is the only network in India providing a 4G LTE network. It offers 1.5 GB 4G internet data and unlimited calls for 28 days for only Rs. 399. Thus, it is not surprising that the budget-friendly bundled offers provided by Jio have become a sure-fire hit, elevating the online community in India.

How to Check Balance in Jio

To maximize the features of Jio, it is best to check first how much Jio balance we still have, if there’s any. We have listed four ways on how to know your Jio balance.

1. Use the MyJio app 

MyJio app is the application to make using all Jio services more convenient. You may download it from the Playstore (Andriod) or App Store (iOS). Once downloaded, open the MyJio App, then log in with your Jio SIM Number. You can now examine your balance, plan features, and data allowance through the MyJio app. Besides, you will also be able to check on Jio numbers, which are connected with your KYC information in your MyJio app as well as manage your password 

2. Visit the website 

Launch your browser and go to After logging in using your Jio ID and password, you will easily see your Jio balance shown on the screen of your phone or desktop. Also, you can click on “My Statement” to inspect all consumption and charges information of your Jio number. 

3. Check balance via SMS

To check your Jio balance and credibility of the active pack, you may type BAL and send it to 199. You will receive a message on your Jio number. You may also send JIO to 7021799999 from any Non-Jio number.

4. Call Customer Service

Since Jio 4G does not support USSD, you cannot dial a code like *111# to check on your account balance. Instead, you simply have to call *333# on your phone. Then, you will get a text message showing the remaining prepaid balance of your Jio sim as well as the remaining data balance. 


There are various methods to examine Jio’s balance. However, if your Jio SIM is not activated yet, you would need to visit the shop where it was bought and get your SIM activated. 

Overall, Jio is the best telecommunication network in India now, offering lots of deals to its users and will certainly give more in the future. If you have any further questions, you may leave a comment below.

how to check balance in jio

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