How to Know My Jio Number: An Easy Guide

From time to time, we find ourselves needing to provide our mobile number. However, most of us may have experienced not being able to do so because we either forget our mobile number or we just don’t know how to find it. Thus, we have listed simple methods on how to check my Jio mobile number. Continue reading to learn how to check yours as well.

How to know my Jio number

The MyJio app

Jio is one of the fastest 4G LTE service company network, which will soon leap into the 5G network to provide much faster mobile Internet. If you are a Jio prepaid customer, you may download the MyJio app to examine Jio’s latest offers, plans, and data usage in a simple method.

Also, you can activate or deactivate services like JioTV and JioMusic as well as account information like Jio Internet data setting, balance transfer, mobile number examine, and Jio Talktime credit loan. This app makes Jio easy and convenient to use.

How to know my Jio number?

There are various ways to know your Jio number. Below are the four easiest ways to get your Jio Number. Check this out.

Launch the My Jio App

Log in to your account. You will immediately see the subscriber’s number under My Account. Make sure you have a secured Internet connection for this. You may either use your mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection. If your JioFi is lagging, you may click this link to increase your Internet speed.

Please note that by downloading or installing my Jio app in your mobile phone, you can make a lot of tasks such as charging your prepaid Jio mobile number, tracking the real-time information usage, viewing the talk time balance, and even handling numerous accounts whenever and anywhere on the go in just a single app. You must ensure you are using your Jio SIM to be able to ‘Sign in with SIM’.

Call a nearby phone

If you dial a different number, then your number will immediately flash on the other phone’s screen. However, you must have mobile credits to do so; otherwise, you will not be able to make a call.

This is probably the most common and easiest method to get your Jio Number. It will also be the fast one, so you might want to try it out.

Call customer service.

Dial 198 on your phone to reach the Jio customer service and you may inquire about your Jio mobile number with the customer service. Advise the customer care representative about the situation and politely request your Jio mobile number.

While they would ask you some security questions to validate your account and SIM, they will provide your Jio mobile number information. However, you must also have mobile credit to do so.

Send an SMS

Open your messages and type in”MYPLAN” to 199, then you will get a reply indicating your Jio number. Sending messages could be free or charged, depending on your mobile plan.

send an SMS

Alternatively, you may send out an SMS as “JIO” to 199. This code also can help you to check your Jio number quickly. You’ll get a message, which has your registered Jio mobile number. This strategy allows you to easily check your mobile number even without an Internet connection.


We have provided these simple tricks to help you whenever you need to know your mobile number. Also, you may always call the customer service for assistance by dialing 198 using Jio mobile or 1-800-889-9999 using a different mobile number. Meanwhile, you may visit the Jio website to check on the other services they offer.

Do you have any questions about this article or services being offered by Jio? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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