How to Port to Jio in 4 Easy Steps

Dependence Jio has shocked the Indian telecom market since its launch in September 2015, offering free calls and low-cost 4G connection to its consumers. The company is offering services at incredibly economical rates as well as providing app memberships and 100 complimentary SMSs to users under Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan and Jio Summertime Surprise. This encouraged thousands of people to transfer to Jio. This article will tackle the easy process of how to port to Jio.

how to port to jio

Benefits of porting

Instead of having a new number, you can port your old number to the Dependence Jio network and keep it under your new network. In July 2015, Do T made it compulsory for telecom operators to have nationwide mobile number mobility (MNP), allowing users to keep their telephone number even after switching providers or areas. Here are the benefits of porting your number:

  • Enjoy an unparalleled 4G network.
  • Choose from various Lyf devices at just about Rs.2,999.
  • Access to various Jio services worth Rs.15000.
  • Get instant KYC using the eKYC feature on Aadhaar Card.
  • Have free-roaming calls to anywhere in India.
  • No additional mobile charges.
  • Avail of the best tariff Jio plans.
  • Get extra student discount.
  • Get the first of its kind Jio platinum service.

How to port to Jio?

It is quite stressful to get a new number since you have to give it to all your contacts. Nevertheless, since porting is now compulsory, transferring your number to Jio is definitely convenient. Following is how to port to Jio.

  • To port your number to Jio, send “PORT”<your mobile number> to 1900. You will then receive a unique porting number. It also comes with an expiry date, which is 15 days from when the request was sent.
  • Then, you must download the JIO App from Appstore or Playstore and generate a JIO coupon code.
  • Bring your Jio code and handset as well as your unique porting number to the nearest Jio Store/Retailer or Reliance Digital/Dx Mini.
  • Finally, take your Aadhaar card number and using the eKYC process, activate your JIO SIM.
  • Congratulations! You have just ported your number to JIO.

Some things to remember

The new SIM will utilize the very same phone number you currently had, and your old SIM will be shut down. The Reliance Jio SIM might use up to 7 days to activate, and a charge of Rs. 19 will be charged.

When your present SIM shows “No Service”, you may now put in your new Reliance Jio SIM. Once ported, you cannot utilize MNP to go back to your earlier operator or anywhere else for at least 90 days.

Your present service will stop within 7 working days. By then, you must insert the brand-new SIM, and voila! You may now start using Jio when making a call or surfing the Internet.


Transferring your phone number to a different carrier is now fast and easy, but it still does take some time. Nevertheless, such is way more convenient than sending your new number to all your contacts.

We hope we have assisted you with porting your number to Jio. You may leave a comment below if you have further questions.

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